BTA Reliability Centered Maintenance offers vibration analysis as part of a comprehensive predictive maintenance program to monitor machinery health, extend service life and reliability, as well as reduce operating/repair cost over the life cycle of the machine.

Each vibration program is custom designed to fit the predictive maintenance requirements of the individual client and machine center.  Programs are designed with the maximum return on investment in mind.

As part of a comprehensive vibration analysis program, BTA also provides the following services:

  • Routine Machine condition monitoring and trending, coupled with failure prediction and prevention as part of the plant RCM process
  • Field Dynamic Machine Balancing (Single and 2 Plane)
  • Structural vibration analysis, damping, and machine isolation
  • Baselining of new and rebuild machinery for accept/reject criteria according  ISO 10816
  • Operators chair/booth vibration measurements for WCB purposes
  • Remote/continuous online monitoring of machines
  • Design and installation of permanent vibration and temperature monitoring systems

All results are posted on our unique online ProAc Maintenance Management program for historical trending and up to date interactive communication between BTA and the client. Results can also be exported to a variety of CMMS systems like SAP, Maximo, Dingo Trakka and more.